I first met Shallyn on the phone when she called to inquire of our wedding packages.  She ancd Darren live on the East coast with family here in the Quad Cities.  As we talked, we found a connection that is rare with just one conversation. We not only shared a love of photographs but a  love of dogs as well. Shallyn booked me over the phone and they came home during the holidays for their engagement session. She was hoping for snow and two days before the shoot, no snow, but Shallyn must have a power all her own because the night before the shoot, it snowed like crazy and warmed up for us as well.  Anyone that lives in Iowa knows how rare that is!!

We had so much fun!!  Finally, the wedding day forecast called for rain, yet each time we were ready to go outside, it cleared off.  As I said goodbye to this awesome couple and after so many conversations on the phone and chat discussions on Facebook, it seemed like saying goodbye to an old friend.

This was the last shot of the night.

Thank you Shallyn & Darren for choosing Avenue Studios to capture your wedding memories.

It was a pleasure to be there with and for you!