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Thanks for checking out Avenue Studios! Carrie and Dave Meumann are the owners, photographers, videographers and creative directors behind Avenue Studios.  They have a friendly and energetic approach allowing those on the other side of the camera lens to quickly feel at ease and have fun during their session or special event. Although these two are comfortable capturing photography and video both, Carrie is the primary photographer specializing in weddings, boudoir and seniors.  Dave is the primary videographer specializing in weddings and commercial work. Even though Carrie and Dave can often be found at two different weddings on the same day, it’s certainly beneficial when they are working together for a wedding.  They are naturally in sync with one another making it easy for them to anticipate what the other is thinking such as where each will move to next which really enhances the end result for their clients who receive beautiful photographs of their special day with video footage that creatively conveys all the sights and sounds as well.

Clients who have hired Avenue Studios call their photographs fun, creative, and amazing with video work described as beautiful, cinematic and inspiring. While Avenue Studios is happy to accommodate those who desire traditional portraits, they really get excited when clients want to break the traditional mode. Especially when brides and grooms allow the extra time to create their epic signature portraits. Avenue Studios makes the most use of their creative time with the Bride and Grooms who want an special portrait that all their friends and family rave about and the couple will treasure forever. “The Signature Session portraits we create in the wedding collections that allow for creative time are truly worth setting up the extra shots during your wedding day!”  Everyone deserves to have a beautiful work of art proudly hanging in their home!”

Clients seeking professional photography or videography are highly encouraged to book a consultation with Avenue Studios early on in the wedding planning process.  If you have your wedding date and venue selected, the next call needs to be Avenue Studios!  This dynamic team fills their calendar 12-18 months ahead.

Connect with Avenue Studios by booking a consultation to see how they can make your dream of beautiful portraits and heart warming video become a reality.

Avenue Studios

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Meet Our Team

Carrie Meumann
Carrie Meumann
Dave Meumann
Dave Meumann